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Posted by Ailidh Aikman, on 22nd November
DSDC is delighted to introduce to you three new team members; Dr Junjie Huang, Kanoko Oishi and Dai Kuichi. Junjie is joining the team as Senior Design Consultant to the DSDC. He will be joining...
by Ailidh Aikman
DSDC is incredibly fortunate to have its core business supported by a range of global Associates. DSDC Associates are industry specialists with a...
by Gayle Henry
Other than Down’s syndrome there is limited research around learning disabilities and dementia. With an increasing life expectancy of people...
by Jessica Noel-Smith
Finding our way around unfamiliar environments such as visiting large hospitals, or other similar public buildings, can be daunting and difficult for...
by Ailidh Aikman
Resistance training in frail older adults is effective in delivering significant improvements in functional capacity and strength, according to a new...
by Lesley Palmer
In our fourth and final evidence session of the National Housing and Dementia Forum, organised by the Scottish Government, Co-Chairs Ashley Campbell...
by Ailidh Aikman
A recent project, ‘Knowing what to say and how to say it’, focused on people’s experiences of talking about health issues, in...

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