Dementia Research

Evidence-based research

Researchers at Stirling are involved in the here and now type of research that has the potential to bring about lasting and meaningful improvements to the lives of people with dementia and their carers in the very near future
Professor Emma Reynish
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Stirling

Research Team

The multi-disciplinary research team undertakes policy and practice relevant social scientific research, working collaboratively with other disciplines across the University, nationally and internationally.

It includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, economists, social workers, social scientists, musicians, carers and people with dementia.

Our research programmes deliver the here and now findings that have the potential to make real life differences today and tomorrow. As such our research has the potential for a more immediate impact compared to the likes of basic science and clinical trials research. Coupled with our ongoing development activities with DSDC we have the ability to deliver palpable impact to the older population and those living with dementia.

Our research covers many areas but broadly speaking looks at quality of life and ways to improve it, be that by understanding everyday care and support, dementia friendly neighbourhoods, practice in care homes or the acute hospital and the impact and delivery of design and assistive technology. For further information about specific research projects please see accompanying research schedule. For further information please contact Emma Reynish, Professor of Dementia Research

Research Programmes

The dementia and ageing research group are currently conducting a number of research projects within the areas of:

Care and support

Acute hospitals

Home and homemaking

Quality of life

Other research