Dementia and Sexuality

Programme summary

Sexuality and dementia can be a taboo topic, yet behaviour that seems inappropriate may be a person's attempt to express basic social and emotional needs. How do we wade through our own ideas of sexuality and ageing to see sexual behaviour for what it is?

By the end of this learning programme, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of sexuality in meeting the social and emotional needs of the older person
  • Support alternative gender identity or orientation within a care setting
  • Identify underlying unmet psycho-social needs when sexual behaviour becomes problematic
  • Understand the process to assess capacity to consent and safeguarding the welfare of adults with incapacity in care settings

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Who is this programme for

  • Health and social care staff responsible for the support of people with dementia in communal settings such as care homes, residential homes, day centres etc.
  • Learning and development staff who cascade knowledge to shape practice in care settings

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Forthcoming events

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