In-house Training

In-house Training

DSDC has the expertise and experience to develop and deliver In-house training.

In feedback after the training participants gave numerous examples of changes in practice and commented on how confident they now felt when caring for a person with dementia
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All too often training is brought into organisations from dementia ‘consultants’ and ‘experts’.  Even after investing thousands of pounds, organisations can find that the course has not made an impact on the day to day culture because the training has not been adapted to their organisation.   

In recent years DSDC has worked with organisations on training projects and development programmes. In addition to the UK and Ireland, DSDC has worked in Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands and Malta. DSDC's flexibility means we can create programmes that work for your organisation and can be delivered at a location to suit you.

Specialist knowledge on dementia is the foundation of all that DSDC does, but we can deliver much more than “dementia-specialist” training.

DSDC’s in-house training has already helped organisations:

  • increase their leadership capacity and fitness for purpose
  • address issues of governance and accountability
  • tackle deficits in business and care skills
  • support fundamental cultural change

If you would like DSDC to work with you on meeting your training and development needs please contact us.