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As age-related changes and impairments can often make it more difficult for people to understand and navigate a building, we partner with manufacturers to review and assess product suitability for use in a dementia-friendly environment. 

Well-designed products can increase independence and quality of life for older people and people with dementia. As our population ages, products will play a greater role in maintaining independence and health. A Product Accreditation from the DSDC allows organisations to support specifiers and designers to create environments suitable for an ageing population by streamlining the product selection process. 

The DSDC Accredited Product logo is awarded on the merit of the individual product and, where applicable, colour-way. For a product to be considered 'dementia-friendly' or 'dementia-inclusive' careful consideration must be given to the environment in which the product is placed. Accredited products are accompanied by technical literature which explains the design principles of a dementia-inclusive environment, supporting the application of products in practice. 

The Dementia Design Product Accreditation service is already helping organisations across the UK to offer a new level of support to their clients.

Angus Fotheringhame, General Manager at Forbo Flooring is delighted at the positive steps they have taken through the DSDC Product Accreditation service: 

“We are experts in flooring, not in dementia design, and it’s really important to us that we understand requirements of the end user to communicate to our clients what to use, and equally what not to use in age inclusive environments.  Our collaboration with DSDC, the specialists in dementia design, enables us to understand the foundation of a dementia friendly environment, and offer a set of DSDC accredited products, which when used alongside appropriate interiors, can support the experience of the end user”.

View a selection of companies who have benefitted from the Product Accreditation service:

For more information about the DSDC Product Accreditation service, you can download the Product Accreditation Brochure or contact us at