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DSDC believes in the value of independent audit as a way of helping improve design for people with dementia.

The DSDC have revolutionised the way we think about our use of design

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An audit provides a focus for change and a cost-effective way of rating environmental design as well as recognising those who have achieved success.

Dementia Design Audit Accreditation

DSDC offers a full expert audit service which leads to an independent Dementia Design Audit Certificate. This goes further than a self-assessment and has proven of great practical and reputation value to organisations.

It involves:

  • an assessment visit by expert auditors
  • a detailed report providing feedback within a month on areas of design in the building, advice on suggested improvements and a rating of Bronze, Silver or Gold
  • a certificate from the University of Stirling Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) valid for 3 years

Organisations have also used the audit service to assess environments before and after change and have used the tool as a key part of service change and development programmes.

View some of the Award-Winning Buildings which have received Accreditation Certificates from DSDC.

Also see our audit FAQ's.

The Design Audit Tool

The DSDC Design Audit Tool is a highly-respected series of resources for carrying out self-assessment of environments used by people with dementia.  The tool:

  • provides a framework for making decisions about design    
  • works for all physical and social environments - where the person lives but also the wider world of parks, gardens, shops, transport, community services, cafes, clubs and theatres
  • applies to existing buildings, new buildings and refurbishment projects in care homes, day centres and medical centres
  • helps identify areas for improvement easily and effectively
  • connects to DSDC’s formal design accreditation process.

Specialist version for Hospitals and Emergency Departments is also available

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