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By Lesley Palmer

November 4th, 2016

Air quality and health for people with dementia

Air quality is a serious issue in buildings such as hospitals and care homes where people with dementia live. As opportunities to go out of doors are sometimes limited, the reality is that older people may live out their days in a place that is too hot, with stale smells and an airless atmosphere.

The problem is not just cosmetic. If people are not very well, poor air quality can make them worse. People with dementia are often less able than others to understand and deal with, or even communicate about their discomfort when the air round them is too hot or too cold. Dementia symptoms are made worse by lack of oxygen. Excessive levels of carbon dioxide impair concentration, which is already a problem in dementia. It is crucial that buildings for people with dementia are healthy buildings.

This book is unique because it pulls together evidence and guidance that has never before been available in one book. It provides a rich source of references for further, more detailed material. It looks at dementia itself and then at physical conditions, such as asthma, which are exacerbated by poor air quality. Given that most people with dementia are older, they may also suffer from breathing difficulties. Both the causes of poor air quality and solutions are outlined here.

Air quality and health for people with dementia is one of a series of guides to improve the design of buildings and outdoor spaces that are used by people with dementia. 

I am proud of this latest contribution for people in the field who share our commitment and determination to improving the quality of life of people with dementia.

Air quality and health for people with dementia 

This book aims to assist all those involved with the care of older people and those with dementia in their own homes, in care homes, day care centres and hospitals to deliver good indoor air quality.

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