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February 24th, 2021

Get involved in research

The University of Stirling and Ipsos MORI (the independent research company) are conducting a short survey about the work of the Life Changes Trust, as part of a wider evaluation of their work.


The survey is aimed at understanding the views of people who have a role in the development and/or delivery of support to people with dementia or family carers of people with dementia in Scotland but are not directly involved with the Trust (separate work is being undertaken with organisations who have received funding from the Trust).


Click here to take part:


We realise that this is an extremely busy time for many people, but we are hoping you may be able to help us by completing the survey yourself and forwarding it to others you think may be able to share their views. It is very short – it should only take about 5 minutes to complete and you do not need to know anything about the Trust to complete it. There are no right or wrong answers – we are just interested in hearing the views of as many people whose work relates to people with dementia, family carers of people with dementia, or young people with care experience as possible.


All responses are confidential – Stirling University and Ipsos MORI will write a report about our findings for the Trust (likely to be published in 2022), but we will not report anything in a way that would allow any individuals or organisations to be identified. Data is securely stored on the Ipsos Server and will be deleted after the end of the project. Your answers will only be used for research purposes.


If you would like any more information on the survey, you can email

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