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By DSDC Guest

August 25th, 2020

Love in the time of covid: visiting families in care homes

Millennium Care is a family run organisation based in Lancashire, who appointed DSDC to consult on their latest care home, Worthington Lake, from 2016 until 2020.  Worthington Lake’s high standards and person centred approach gained them the Stirling ‘Gold’ award in dementia inclusive design. Since the DSDC audit in 2019 and in quick response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Millennium Care have commissioned a covid secure visitation lodge for their residents at Worthington Lake. Read their blog below to discover more about the design features they have implemented and how this is improving the lives of their residents.

Worthington Lake Care Home, a dementia-designed home in Wigan has introduced a secure visitation facility on their grounds. As the first-of-its-kind in the North West, it provides an exciting new opportunity for care homes, particularly during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Named ‘The Rawsthorne Retreat’ in honour of a resident at Worthington Lake’s sister care home, Lakeside – the visitation lodge is a safe and secure outdoor facility designed for visitations during the Coronavirus.

The lodge is vital in allowing care home residents to visit with their family and loved ones during the pandemic without compromising safety. It gives back to residents that feeling of connectedness during the pandemic and the ability to see a familiar face from the outside.

We believe that being able to see their friends and families is very important for care home residents, particularly ones at Worthington Lake who are diagnosed with Dementia. It gives them that sense of familiarity – they get to spend time with people they share a history with, people who know a different side to our residents and can connect with them in different aspects.

Whilst the lodge is designed with security in mind, it isn’t a cold nor uninviting environment by any means. Designed to appear like one living room, the two rooms, divided by a Perspex screen, mirror one another with matching furniture giving that feeling of togetherness. It’s a comfortable and reassuring environment that keeps residents at ease.

Features such as an automatic sanitisation system means that following each visit the area is made sterile for the next guests and resident. It means that visitors and residents don’t require PPE, which can seem alien to many of the care home residents.

Air-conditioning and heating systems require comfort all-rear round, whilst the outdoor ramp into the resident’s space and the integrated amplification and hearing loop communication system ensure that the lodge is accessible for all residents.

Overtime, Worthington Lake expects the lodge to become much more than a visitation space during the pandemic. It will become an outdoor space that residents can use – giving them access to a new space outdoors that can be shielded from harsher weather. The area surrounding the lodge echoes this mindset, with beautiful landscaped areas and a new bowling green to encourage outdoors activities for the residents.

In all, the lodge is an exceptional piece of equipment that brings so much to Worthington Lake and will offer so many opportunities for staff and residents at the care home to enhance their time here. The ethos of the home not only accords to the DSDC strictures but also builds on the philosophy of connectedness and togetherness in a pandemic.

Worthington Lake Care Home, their sister care home Lakeside and the entire team behind Millennium Care are very excited about the future possibilities that the visitation lodge can offer. It will be truly inspiring to see the ways in which it can be utilises to provide a better quality of life for care home residents.

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