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By Ailidh Aikman

May 14th, 2020

Dementia design in public contracts

Last year, Alisdair Clements, Architect and Co-founder of INCH Architecture + Design, presented at DSDC’s International Masterclass on Dementia Care, Design and Ageing.


His presentation focused on the role architects and design professionals play within the field of design and delivery of spaces for older people, specifically those with dementia. The presentation investigated the complexity of efficiently delivering evidence based design within the public sector. Alisdair referenced recent INCH collaborations with local authorities, demonstrating how designers can use ‘toolkits’ to ensure that decision makers and delivery staff are able to safely provide end users with choice and control over their own environments.


Additional 2019 International Masterclass presentations will be available to access through the online Intersection of Dementia + Design training course, which will be launched later this year. For more information you can register for updates.


Alisdair is currently leading the INCH Architecture team which is working on a number of design proposals on behalf of older person housing providers, charitable community groups, and commercial office space providers in addition to the Scottish Government. INCH Architecture + Design is an innovative social enterprise architecture design and research practice founded in 2012 in Glasgow, who are committed to delivering projects which have a positive and lasting effect on the community and the users of the buildings. Great design should be for all. They also provide consultancy and research in to best practice, analysing why, what, how we build, and the resultant impact of the act of construction. The company works in collaboration with others to initiate and actively develop projects that they believe will have a lasting impact on peoples’ lives.


Alisdair has held positions in several high profile practices, both Scottish and International, delivering high profile projects in all sectors from the micro to major university infrastructure projects. He is interested in the democratisation of the design process, and how design can be used to genuinely make places which are better for those who use them.


Dementia Design in Public Spaces Video




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