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November 8th, 2017

High tea for three

Life Care, a not for profit organisation in Australia, believes that ageing is not a disability or a policy problem to be solved, rather it is a natural part of life that should be celebrated. They recognise that every person is an individual with unique characterisitics. By focusing on the individuals they strive to provide activities which will have positive impact on their residents. Deborah Muldoon, General Manager Innovation & Service Development at Life Care, discusses one event which they held to include residents in meaningful activities. 

Life Care Aldinga Beach Court and Reynella Lodge recently celebrated World Alzheimer’s Day on Thursday, 21 September 2017 by holding a pop-up café, ‘High Tea for Three’ for residents and their families. 

The focus of ‘High Tea for Three’ was for those with dementia or memory loss to participate in the running of the café, either through cooking of cakes for the High Tea or being a waiter / waitress on the day, taking orders and serving the tea, coffee and champagne.

Life Care held this initiative to raise funds and increase awareness of dementia within the community, highlighting that people with dementia and memory loss can participate in everyday living.

For the participants it was about providing an opportunity to be part of the community irrespective of their dementia / memory loss and allowing them a setting where they have a purpose and can thrive.

High Tea for Three was a huge success with two seating’s at each site decorated in purple for the celebration of World Alzheimer’s Day. Residents had also baked an array of goodies including mixed nuts and marmalade to sell on the day.

Tea, Coffee and Champagne along with an array of delicious sweet and savory treats were served to guests by those with dementia or memory loss as everyone enjoyed the ambience of the afternoon. 


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