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By Richard Ward

September 8th, 2016

Are you thinking about moving home and downsizing in later life?

Moving Memories is a pilot study about older people’s experience of ‘downsizing’ and moving home, that’s being led by the University of Stirling. We are looking for participants willing to talk with us as they prepare for their move.  We want to find out how you manage this important transition, what you do when faced with the need to down-size your home and contents, and what can be done to better support people through this process. This is your opportunity to tell us about what is important in helping you to feel ‘at home’.

How it works: A member of our research team (either Richard Ward or Zem Moffat) will visit you at home. At the beginning we will spend time introducing ourselves and answering any questions you have. We would like to find out what it’s like to prepare for a move. You can choose how we do this, either 1) By letting us film you at home, talking about any objects, furniture or other features that have particular significance for you; or 2) by letting us audio-record our discussion and taking photos of the objects you choose to talk to us about, or 3) By just letting us audio-record a short discussion with you about the downsizing process.

If your move is imminent we would also like to revisit you to discuss your experience after you’ve moved home.

You can tell us whatever you wish to share, and speak about those objects and habits that are part of who you are.  If you choose to be filmed, at the end we will give you a copy of the film as a keepsake for yourself and, if you wish, to share with friends and family too.

Key points

  • You must have capacity to give consent to take part in the study
  • Aside from your time, there is no cost to you and you will receive a gift token as a ‘thank you’ for taking part
  • At the beginning we all sign a consent form covering confidentiality and publication rights.

Please note, your decision whether or not to participate in the research will have no implications for any application to move into housing or residential care.

If you would like to take part in this exciting initiative, you can contact Dr Zem Moffat on tel. 07803332344, or email: or Dr Richard Ward by email:  

We will be happy to talk further with you about what is involved and you are free to decline to take part or to terminate your involvement at any time.

This project is funded by the Abbeyfield Trust